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I am Dr. Radisha Brown, licensed therapist and part-time gangster. 😁 If you are in the mental health field you already know this work is tough and we need a little inner thug to get through the tough days. I am known as the #1 Breakup Therapist for my no-none-sense approach to helping individuals heal after breakups.

I wrote about my fight to take back my life, after ending a toxic relationship and gaining over 80 pounds. It was a battle to restore my mental peace and physical health. I shared my story in my best-selling book and Journal Girl, Get off the Couch.

I am passionate about all things mental health that includes educating and providing resources to help individuals on their healing journey. I launched Just Publish because I wanted to provide effective tools for self-improvement while educating others.

I believe that God has room for all of us at the table. Let’s
work together to make your project happen. Click the link below and let's get started.  For questions, including partnerships & sponsorship opportunities, please contact us

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